Rhonda Ross Testimonials

“Hell is moving…
….Rhonda Ross is the angle sent from heaven

I can think of few things that are possibly more stressful than moving…. maybe death and maybe divorce. I was doing two of them.

So if hell is moving, then Rhonda was the guide sent from beyond to give support and an unending supply of genuine optimism.

I did not intentionally use a broker, or want to, I was looking all on my own. But I got on a reality site and I couldn’t tell what was broker no fee or broker fee or what…but saw places I liked… so I sent email and waited. I didn’t wait long, not even a half of a day I think, and Rhonda got back to me. For this particular site (or in general)…it was very fast. We arranged to meet at the first place she wanted to show me.

Rhonda was great from the start. She was on time! I can’t tell you how long I waited for people to show up to see a place in the middle of January!

I immediately knew I was in the presence of someone who really liked life! Rhonda just had a real genuine open happy positive attitude about being alive and she also happened to really like her work. She works hard. Takes a pride in wanting to make her efforts count for more in an industry where so many brokers I met just really didn’t care and encouraged a sort of marginalized attitude about their work… not Rhonda… when Rhonda came on board I felt an immediate sense of being helped and being looked out for… it was palpable.

At that point I knew I was going to use a broker and only this one broker. Rhonda inspired an allegiance towards a singular mission…to find me the right home. I use this word on purpose-home. See. I did not want an apartment. I wanted a home. It was a really big deal.

Rhonda had a great ability to “get” what it was I was looking for. She listened to me even when I wasn’t listening to me. I would say she has a definite skill or gift when it comes to “reading” people.

I was never a big believer in “If something falls through, then something better to come”, I’m to cynical. So working with Rhonda was great…like the Sun balancing out the Moon, and preventing total darkness from taking over… there were points where I was so stressed. Usually that can get to people, but for some reason, thankfully, Rhonda just got it… she just understood it was stressful and it didn’t change her one bit.

So I really think her attitude and her approach towards life, helped sway the universe in my favor. So not only did I meet a good broker, I met a wonderful human being.

On the day I went to pick up my keys from the management office, Rhonda met me over there to give me a gift to mark the occasion. It was a nice touch to an already happy moment. She didn’t need to be there. He duties were over. But she showed up there anyways… that’s cool…
…oh… then I saw her on Oprah…”

Thanks Rhonda…
Love my new home.
Terry TBone Williams


“I found my dream apartment. It was an easy and quick process.

Thanks to Rhonda, It was an easy and quick process. I have bought and sold a few places in NY and this was the smoothest.

More importantly, Rhonda sold my mom’s apartment and because of family issues Rhonda’s sensitivity and diplomacy helped finalize the deal. Totally trustworthy!”

Nora Coblence