Selling Real Estate In New York

Moving Your Property Quickly With Accurate Pricing and Maximum Exposure

When the time comes to sell your property, Ross Realty International will turn the city inside out to find potential buyers and achieve the best deal. Not only do we have a wealth of qualified buyers just waiting to see your property. With our impressive industry connections, combined with the power of a far-reaching local and international broker network, we have inside access to more of the world than any of our competitors. And as we all know, the whole world wants to buy New York City real estate.

Ross Realty International’s expert brokers give you valuable insight into pricing. Armed with the latest comparable listings of units sold in buildings like yours, we know what the market will bear. In handling all aspects of the sale process for you, our sales experts will provide a complimentary fair market analysis to determine your property’s value and accurately price it to sell.

Communication is the key. Our team of agents have the rare ability to listen to client’s needs both spoken and unspoken and acknowledge each individual’s unique desires. Our goal is for you to stay happy all the way through the closing and beyond. Once we earn your exclusive, we act aggressively to market, show and sell your property, first with a special pre-marketing evaluation to maximize showing appeal, then by exposing your listing to prospects via…

Ad placement in prominent newspapers like The New York Times, and on the Times’ sister website for optimal awareness.

Inclusion on our own widely used apartment-hunting website, with a high tech Virtual Tour of all our exclusive listings.

Availability to our internal database of thousands of potential customers via a widespread direct mail program

Immediate promotion of your apartment throughout the entire Manhattan brokerage community.

Alerting preferred corporate relocation customers for value-added exposure

The Right Relationship Makes A World of Difference